Thank you for your loyal membership.  We appreciate your business in 2013.  In spite of all the changes, District One Highway Credit Union has remained strong and successful. 

We love our new location and are confident you are finding it convenient and easy to access.  Don't forget, we have a drive-up, so you don't even have to get out of your vehicle to do business!!



“The advantages of credit unions are many, while the downsides are few.” Wrote spot55.com on their members website.
AARP reported that over 400,000 people moved their accounts from banks to enjoy the benefits of credit unions in October and November 2011 alone.

Should you ask members or consumer advocates about the advantages of credit unions, you’ll hear a long list of pros, and few, cons. Even bank insiders, if they are honest, will express the benefits of credit unions. 
Here are just two of the many benefits:
 · Credit unions are not “fee junkies.” The benefits of credit unions include low fees. The credit union industry saved its members over $6 billion in fees in 2011 compared to average bank fees.
· You and your fellow members are owners of the credit union, unlike banks that are owned by Wall Street stock holders. Any profit at year end with the credit union belongs to you and all of our other loyal members.
So, if you are thinking about making a purchase or deposit, large or small, come visit us and let’s talk.


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